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Someone finally noticed that the Origins of FOAD story never ended. So I finished it! It's a work of art, truly. Thanks to Sean Burke for pointing out this oversight.

Check out Chris DiBona's fun with DVD encryption
Or get your very own copy of DeCSS

BE part of HISTORY, join the GTPF team now!

News BLAST! - In the "Cheese fish who register domains left and right for no reason other than that their clenching sphincter is restricting circulation to their brain" department: Someone registered "foad.NET" after requesting an email address on foad and becoming "impatient". It was (relatively politely) explained to him that foad.org wasn't really a vanity domain. What does he have to offer us? Well, not his personality, as we've been shown so far. Perhaps we could have him type stuff or staple things together, since he's a "Sysadmin/Secretary". Shun foad.net. Shun shun shunshun!
UPDATE - foad.net is mine now, FOAD

Old - ucan.foad.org attacked by evil cheese fish! Hundreds slaughtered! Underground resistance front forming, sign up today!

Seriously, foad lost a hard drive containing large amounts of important and good data. This hard drive has been sent to a highly trained expert who will retrieve as much as possible from the dead thing. It will probably not be cheap. Any help is welcome, go tell Chad.

The secret origins of "FOAD" Find out exactly where the word "FOAD" comes from, and why this particular domain is named that.

Links for dinks We know you don't want to spend all your valuable time searching the web for stupid crap. So we collected all the stupid crap for you to browse at your leisure.

FOAD Reports Every couple of weeks years or so, intrepid FOAD reporters gather information on our mysterious world and compile an informative report which you will read. Now.

The Good, the Bad, and the BOFH.
The Cincinnati Revolver Club, Guns + Midwest = irritated californians.
CHAD, your host and main martian.
ANDREW, your narrator and head hurter.
Abby's Yarns, Abby and her Yarns.
The Spinning Loft and Beth is my favourite for spinning wheels, spinning fiber, and handspinning.
DAVE, your passive observer and part-time midnight bomber.

Just as a side note. This stuff all done by Andrew

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